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Welcome to the blog of two integrity four!
Hai Sing Catholic School'2007
Twenty-one boys,
nineteen girls

Form/English Teacher:
Mrs Adris
Co-form/Chinese Teacher:
Miss Joyce Chan
Miss Khoo Wee Wee
Science Teachers:
Ms Mariana(Chemistry)
Mrs Elene Wan (Biology)
Mr Yap Chee Hoo(Physics)
Literature Teacher:
Mrs Sally Tang
History Teacher:
Miss Juliene Leung
Geography Teacher:
Mrs Josephine Cheong
Home Economics Teacher:
Mrs Choo, Miss Rafidah
Art Teacher:
Miss Sarah Toh
IPW Mentors:
Miss Juliana Lee, Mrs Adris

01. Carmen Lim Li Ting [Library] -NIL-
02. Chua Yuen Man Kristin [SJAB] 3E5
03. Cheong Boon Fang [Band] 3E5
04. Cheryl Ong Kai Wen [Volleyball] 3E2
05. Cheryl Wong Hui Yi [CCA-less] 3E5
06. Inez Lim Jie [Band] 3E5
07. Lee Pei Xin Jasmine [Robotics] 3E4
08. Lew Shuan Ee Esther [Library] 3E5
09. Lim Wai Cheng [ELDDS] 3E4
10. Nai Yiling Odelia [ELDDS] 3E6
11. Nur Ain Bte Othman [Media Club] 3E3
12. Pauline Yap Wei Yun [Band] 3E3
13. Phua Wei Shi Victoria [Girl Guides] 3E1
14. Seah Shu Yi Samantha [Choir] 3E3
15. Siti Nur Hawa [Media Club] 3E1
16. Tan Hui Min [Volleyball] 3E2
17. Tan Yi Jin [Badminton] 3E2
18. Tatiana Tan Su Lin Rahmat [Badminton] 3E5
19. Tian Jing Ling [Robotics] 3E5
20. Alan Tan Wei Quan [NCC] 3E6
21. Bryan Chan Wei Jie [Volleyball] 3E6
22. Eccles Tan Xian Hao [NPCC] 3E5
23. Everard Choo Kwee Meng [Choir] 3E3
24. Goh Jun Wei [SJAB] 3E3
25. Heng Yeow Teng [Robotics] 3E3
26. Gabriel Lek Chang Fa [Archery] 3E1
27. Leo Adriel [Golf] 3E3
28. Mark Lim Jian Wei [ELDDS] 3E5
29. Mak Kar Kit [Badminton] 3E4
30. Marvyn Wu ZhaoZhi [Band] 3E3
31. Randall Loke Han Jun [Archery] 3E6
32. Sng Wei Shin [Band] 3E3
33. Sng Ye Min [Taekwondo] 3E3
34. Tan SiHan [Golf] 3E2
35. Tan Yi Zhi [Badminton] 3E6
36. Tan Yu Ke Sydney [Badminton] 3E2
37. Teo Hong Hwee [Volleyball] 3E6
38. Teo Ren Yi [NPCC] 3E1
39. Wong Kah Hing Dominic [NCC] 3E3
40. Zulkhairee B Sulaiman [NCC] 3E5

Goh Jun Wei
Victoria Phua Wei Shi
Teo Hong Hwee
Tan Sihan

2E3'07 :D

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

blah this blog is sooo unupdated, so I, shall update it. (Note the royalness).

er, so nth has happened to our class nowdays cause nth reallyhappened, and I feel really dumb typing this, LOL.

so er, BYE! :D

-Magistrate Tan

PLS: pls do yr homeworks! dec is coming soon and before you know it, here comes 2008!

blah, not lyk as if i'm doing anything XD

We're a part, not apart!
1:56 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2007



ok, byes (:

We're a part, not apart!
6:03 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hello does anyone want to go watch movie one anot!

Movie: The Game Plan (YAY)
Date: 9 Nov 07, Friday
Venue: Not confirmed yet, but most probs Tampines Mall?

Go leh go leh go leh.
So far, me, victoria, cheng, cheryl, weishin, marvyn, zul, yizhi going!


We're a part, not apart!
8:46 PM

>>Lovely 2E4! (:

HOKEY! It's time I post up these pictures already. I've been taking super random pictures in class and most of them are probably VERY VERY old.

& I tried to find pictures of EVERY single one of you,but I don't really have alot so...
Sorry if your face isn't up here.

DISCLAIMER : Retarded pictures below! xD

Oh, and congratulations to Ren Yi,Alan and Odelia who appealed successfully!
Ren Yi - 3E1 seh! *salute*
Alan - 3E4ever
Odelia - 3E6!
Curtains are... FUN? O.O
Victoria reading her book?
Wai Cheng!

Wei Shin & Wei Shi (Victoria)?
Kar Kit.
Sihan + Pauline :D
Dominic the 'girl' with Yi Zhi behind :)
Ye Min.
Everard's not happy face?
Evidence of Hong Hwee doing house work? ._.
Eccles so gay!
Wai Cheng and jasmine fighting! Lol.
Retarded Sydney and Wei Shin! And not-retarded Pauline!
LOL. Zul,Marvyn and Mark!
Wei Shin : I'm the BEST opera singer ever! :O
Zul, with Cheryl behind I think? LOL!

I bet I'm going to miss Kar Kit's retarded antics,Eccles sick jokes,Si Han's retardedness(sometimes),Cheryl's thinking,Yeow Teng's crying, Ms Chan's nagging, Wai Cheng's laughter , Jasmine's cuteness ....
Bye 2E4'2007 D:

#14. Samantha! (:


We're a part, not apart!
5:58 PM

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hey 2e4ians! haha wtf 2e4ians.

I'm organising an outing! (say 'yay' please and dont be a smart aleck and say 'yay' please say YAY not yay please ok whtever)
We can have lunch first and then go watch a movie [:
Okay? :D

If you guys are interested, respond on the tagboard!
If there isn't a overwhelming response..... I guess there won't be an outing.......................

Details will be posted up soon if the outing is confirmed!

Mucho love!
-07 jasmine!


We're a part, not apart!
11:43 PM



sianz i must chage the previous post too. stupid randy. LOL jkjk XDD

just for yr info...


If you find your infomation leaked out and do like this idea, tell me and I'll erase yr name and class. However, it'll soon be reavealed no matter wad mah...-.-

Hahaha but i'll respect yr decision ! :D

(edit from jasmine: there're some errors so I'll just change okay? [: )

o2. Chua Yuen Man Kristin. 3e5
o3. Cheong Boon Fang. 3e5
o4. Cheryl Ong Kai Wen. 3e2
o5. Cheryl Wong Hui Yi. 3e5
o6. Inez Lim Jie. 3e5
o7. Lee Pei Xin Jasmine. 3e4
o8. Lew Shuan Ee Esther. 3e5
o9. Lim Wai Cheng. 3e4
1o. Nai Yiling Odelia. 3e4
11. Nur Ain Bte Othman. 3e3
12. Pauline Yap Wei Yun. 3e3
13. Phua Wei Shi Victoria. 3e1
14. Samantha Seah Shu Yi. 3e3
15. Siti Nur Hawa. 3e1
16. Tan Hui Min. 3e2
17. Tan Yi Jin. 3e2
18. Tatiana Tan Su Lin Rahmat. 3e5
19. Tian Jing Ling. 3e5
2o. Alan Tan Wei Quan. 3e5
21. Bryan Chan WeiJie. 3e6
22. Eccles Tan Xian Hao. 3e5
23. Everard Choo Kwee Meng. 3e3
24. Goh Jun Wei. 3e3
25. Heng Yeow Teng. 3e3
26. Gabriel Lek Chang Fa. 3e1
27. Leo Adriel. 3e3
28. Mak Kar Kit.3e4
29. Mark Lim Jian Wei.3e5
30. Marvyn Wu ZhaoZhi. 3e3
31. Randall Loke Han Jun. !!!3e6
32. Sng Wei Shin. 3e3
33. Sng Ye Min. 3e3
34. Tan SiHan. 3e2
35. Tan Yi Zhi. 3e6
36. Tan Yu Ke Sydney. 3e2
37. Teo Hong Hwee. 3e6
38. Teo Ren Yi. 3e2
39. Dominic Wong Kah Hing. 3e3
4o. Zulkhairee B Sulaiman. 3e5

all I wana say that though separated[NOT!], we'll still be 2E4'ever'07!

-#34 King Sihan [ High Ranking of all rankings]

-#07 King Jasmine [ Some noob shit ranking ;D]

We're a part, not apart!
11:18 PM


First time I'm blogging!

As Tan Sihan the King , I hereby command

ALL 2E4'rians to do the same thing.

On Wednesday when we go to sch, though we're in

separate class, and during recess, lets sit at our usual

table for the whole of the first week.

This is a statement, not a request, so all of you have no choice but to follow the instructions.


lol ok i'm done here. cya!


b4 i go, lkets tok ab streaming!

erm so only 3 ppl frm our class can go into 3e1. -___-

6 ppl went to 3e2 nia.

quite a number like about 10 went to 3e3!

so almost half of the class went into the top 3 class! congratulations! :D

3e4 had 4!

4654654684 went into 3e5!

and only 3 4 went into 3e6

well i hope tt this blog wll still NOT be removed even though we proceed.

thank you very much ! ^^


We're a part, not apart!
3:21 PM